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Meet Wayne


I was born in Haliburton and grew up in the village of Irondale. I attended the Irondale Public School, "a one room school ", and then attended the Haliburton High School ( 5 Yr. A&S). After high school, I went on to attend the University of Waterloo.

I graduated, became a Professional Engineer and have since, served in the Municipal world for over thirty (30) years.

I, along with my family, presently own a number of properties in Minden Hills, including the 503 Stop. (formerly Irondale Variety Store). You can find me working there on Saturday and Sunday so please drop by and visit our store.

I believe our tax dollars are not being spent properly or shared equally with all tax payers.To achieve this, we need a change in Municipal leadership.

I also, believe that when you ask a question of your elected officials, they should provide an answer even if it is not the answer we want to hear.

I believe there is a lack of accountability and we need change.

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